Transatlantic response to China

By Roger W. Robinson in Conferences

September 28, 2022

Roger W. Robinson Jr. speaks on the Transatlantic response to China, importance of the capital markets, and the international security context relevant to the Baltic Sea region. This address is part of the Baltic Sea Security Conference 2022: Transatlantic Response to China’s Presence in the Baltic Sea Region. The conference was hosted by the Baltic Security Foundation at the Hotel Kempinski Adlon in Berlin on August 17, 2022. The conference showcased the research on China’s presence in the Baltic Sea region domains of finance, education and infrastructure.

Baltic Sea Security Conference 2022

By BSF Team in Conferences

July 7, 2022

Transatlantic response to China’s presence in the Baltic Sea Region The Euroatlantic states sharing the Baltic Sea have been subject to persistent security threats that have made them seek international solutions to maintain peace and stability. Challenges associated with Russia have been at the forefront for decades and are so today with its war against Ukraine. Meanwhile over the last decade the regional presence of China has increased - welcomed by many but analyzed by few.

Baltic Sea Security Conference 2020

By BSF Team in Conferences

November 3, 2020

Baltic Sea Security Conference to deal with fragmented security approaches Baltic Sea Security Conference will take place on December 3rd in Helsinki, Finland as well as online. The conference concludes the Baltic Sea Security Initiative, involving workshops, lectures and seminars on the regional aspects of military, societal, economic and cyber security. The initiative joined 150 participants, including Baltic experts from Europe, United States and Japan. The experts of the initiative will share their conclusions with top-level guest speakers from public and private sectors over several panel discussions.