About the BSF


Estabilished in 2019, The Baltic Security Foundation (BSF) promotes the security and defense of the Baltic Sea region.

The Foundation is a result of the Baltic Security Strategy Project (2017-2019) that gathered experts on defence, societal security and economic security to assess the shared challenges for the Baltic States and recommend solutions.

BSF gathers Baltic experts and security experts from the region and beyond. It provides a platform for discussion and research, expert networking, expert mobility, and promotes finding and advocating for solutions that lead to a stronger regional security in military and other areas.

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The objectives of BSF are to:

  • 1. Raise awareness of Baltic defense and security matters among allied and regional partners,
  • 2. Organize and facilitate Baltic security expert cooperation through designated instruments of financial and administrative support,
  • 3. Provide and facilitate Baltic security policy analysis and advice for Baltic and Allied stakeholders,
  • 4. Foster Baltic security and defense synchronization through discussion and legislation,
  • 5. strengthen local Baltic expertise and raise national think tank capacity.

The BSF works as a cluster of Baltic defense and security experts, professionals and think tanks, organizing activities that involve at least three Baltic states, and as an instrument for attraction of financial resources to maintain and facilitate activities which support Objectives of the BSF.

The primary focus of the BSF activity is the Baltic Sea region within the Euro Atlantic framework. It is a non-profit organization which operates on the concluding cooperation agreements with Baltic think tanks and individual experts. Partnership is open for all governmental and private institutions, as well as individual experts that support the goal and objectives of the BSF.

Join us

Anyone who shares the goals and objectives of the BSF — individual experts and organizations within the region and beyond — is welcome to partner with BSF!

BSF membership will grant access to our network of Baltic defense and Security experts and Organizations and priority to be engaged in our activities and Projects as agreed and (2) Individual Members and Organizations are eligible to apply for any support from BSF available - to implement activities/Projects etc., which supports Goal and Objective of the BSF or (3) provide moral support to BSF mission, which is also necessary for demonstration of our unity and coherence and will help to succeed Goal and Objectives of the BSF.

The Baltic Security Foundation also operates the Transatlantic Security Exchang - a program that brings together experts and researchers from Europe and America to focus on further studies of Baltic security in regional and international context. In 2019 the BSF has also launched the Young Leaders Mobility Program in cooperation with the BAFF - Baltic- American Freedom Foundation, The Jamestown Foundation and the Latvian Political Science Association.

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BSF receives grants for specific projects and donations for general purposes of the Foundation. Funding from individuals and organizations the world over allows BSF to conduct its core activities and develop new ways of promoting regional security. If you or your organization would like to support BSF work by making a donation, please direct it to the account noted below.

Please notify us about your donation at info@balticsecurity.eu.

Account holder: Nodibinājums "Baltijas drošības fonds" (registration number: 40008288809)
Name and address of the bank: Swedbank, Balasta dambis 15, Riga, LV-1048, Latvija
Account Number: LV47HABA0551046920884